Utah Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are like most people in financial distress, you are probably experiencing a great deal of emotional trauma and feelings you may have never felt before. Seeking help from a bankruptcy attorney in Utah can help ease the pain of insurmountable debt, relieve the sting in your ear from creditor phone calls, and give you hope for a financially secure future.

We understand that it may be difficult to openly seek help from an Utah Bankruptcy Attorney during difficult times. This is why we handle each bankruptcy case with complete confidentiality and sensitivity. Together, we can help you formulate a plan to get you back on track.

A Bankruptcy Team You Can Count On

Bankruptcy cases often create mental and emotional stress, regardless of background or circumstance. If you’re going through bankruptcy, the last thing you want is a legal experience that leaves you full of anxiety and doubt. The bankruptcy team at the Law Office of Paul Benson understands that no one makes the decision to go through bankruptcy lightly. Similarly, we are committed to taking each and every case seriously, giving full attention to the unique needs of the client.

Paul Benson has developed a reputation as a law firm that is knowledgeable, reliable, and caring. Our bankruptcy attorney Paul Benson dedicates himself to keeping this reputation alive. He is fully committed to educating and serving his clients, helping them make confident decisions that will lead them to a promising, fresh start.

Get to Know Paul in His Own Words

My practice encompasses counseling and representing debtors regarding bankruptcy. I have assisted many individuals and married couples in obtaining a fresh start through bankruptcy under both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings.

I chose to practice in bankruptcy because of the pressing need for knowledgeable and compassionate attorneys in the field. As a bankruptcy attorney I have many opportunities to fulfill my ultimate professional goals – to help others in their time of need

I enjoy the opportunity to meet new people and serve them in their times of need. Being an attorney puts me in a unique position where I can help people when they cannot otherwise help themselves. I offer a free consultation where we sit down together to discuss your specific financial situation to determine if and which type of bankruptcy is right for you.