Attorney Paul Benson

I was looking through my website and I noticed I have not told my potential clients about me.

I was born in upstate New York. My Dad worked as a electrical engineer for GE that is what took my family to that part of the country. My favorite thing about New York was the trees and fall time. The colors of fall time are amazing up there.

After Finishing high school I went to Brigham Young University.  I first wanted to be an artist is some recent work I have done. After some events that happened in my life I thought the study of law would be more beneficial to me and the people I wanted to help. I attended Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshal School of Law.

When Law school was finished My wife and I thought Utah would be a good place to raise a family so we moved back. I have really liked getting to know all my clients and help them the best I can.


One thing life has taught me is to never give up. I learned this by being born with one arm. I have faced struggles from looking different or taking a little longer to do things but I have never given up. I have always found a way to accomplish my goals and maybe coming up with a creative solution to the situation.