After Bankruptcy the Creditor will not reposes the car I want to get rid of

Bankruptcy gets you out of and away from harassing creditors you don’t like, but not items you don’t want to keep. It won’t make the lending institution tow your car. Or the vacation share people take the timeshare. And it won’t make the bankruptcy court take anything even if you want to surrender the item.

Peter got a terrible auto loan and a worse car from a buy here, pay here Creditor. The car is a 1999 model with too many miles and it refuses to work. Peter still owes too much to be reasonable. Before, the bankruptcy was taken out the car seller called Peter nonstop, questioning payment, and threatening to garnish Peter and repossess the car. Peter wanted the car dealer to repo the car-because he can’t afford to repair it. But car dealer never does. The car dealer knew it it was worth little when he sold it and he now knows it’s not profitable in towing away. Now, the car sales man can’t contact Peter.

He can’t garnish Peters pay. But he still won’t reposes the car. Peter still can’t afford to fix it-and now its getting citations because the inspection has lapsed. Peter still has a issues. Bankruptcy got rid of the debt, but it does not get rid of things nobody wants. One solution for, people like Peter can locate a junk yard or small repair shop which will take the car off his hands if he pays them a small fee. But he can’t make anybody reposes the car. You need to talk your way or buy your way out of the problem.